Basingstoke Canal

This canal runs from the Grey Well Tunnel at Odiham down to the R. Wey at Weybridge. A distance of 34 miles. It offers very good fishing all along its length. I have included there web site on my other links page. That will give you all the information that you will need on this very good fishery.

Back Arun Fishery

This fishery consists of two lakes and is situated next to Arundel railway station on the A27. One of the lakes is classed as a silver fish lake and the other is an out and out carp match lake. Both lakes are of the snake shaped variety and average about 12 mtrs wide. The depth is on average, about 5 ft. With the usual shallow ledges on both banks. Both lakes are well worth a try.

Broadlands Lake

This fishery is situated next to the M27 between junctions 2 and 3. It consists of 3 lakes of different shape and size. The main lake is famous for its large carp but also contains a good head of silver fish of a good average size. There is also a canal shaped match lake which has just been restocked with small carp and skimmers. The third lake is a doughnut shaped one. The stocking in this lake is also very good. Day tickets are available from the hut at the entrance.

Chichester Canal

As the name suggests, this canal runs from Chichester City centre down through Hunsten. Not all the canal is fishable but 6 miles are available for the angler. The canal has a good head of fish, ranging from net roach to carp to well over 20 lb. Day tickets are available on the bank.

Stroud Mead Farm

Another water that is well worth a visit is Stroud Mead Farm. It is located just of the A3 at Petersfield. Take the A272 towards Winchester and after 200 yards on the right hand bend turn left then follow the signs to the fishery.
The lake averages 4ft deep and has a very good head of silvers along with the traditional carp. The roach and rudd are quite prolific so if you want the carp big baits are advisable. The carp do go to 20+ so be warned.
Day tickets are available from local tackle shops and cost 7. Tickets on the bank are 10.